8 Ways to Make a House Smell Good to Buyers

February 25th, 2022

Can the smell of coffee and freshly baked bread really help sell a house? It may sound a little cliché, but there is an element of truth behind the theory that smells sell homes.

Here are 8 of the best smells that will make your house feel welcoming to potential buyers:

  1. Baked Cookies
  2. Scented Candles
  3. Essential Oils/ Diffusers
  4. Fresh Flowers
  5. Coffee
  6. Baked Bread
  7. Orange & Lemon Slices
  8. A Clean Home

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4 Last Minute Home Preparation Tips Ahead of Viewings

February 25th, 2022

A few hours before viewings it’s important to do a last sweep of your house to make sure it’s perfect for potential buyers. Here are four things you can do to make sure you make the best impression:

🏠 Let there be light: Turn on all lamps and lights in dark rooms and open all blinds and shades to let natural light in. Also, you can open windows to let fresh air in the room too.

🏠 Pets: If you have cats or dogs then it’s best they not be around for showings as not everyone loves fur buddies as much as you do.

🏠 Make Sure You’re Not Around: Let your Agent do the viewings for you because buyers feel uncomfortable touring houses when the owners are still there.

🏠 Declutter: Make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink, also make sure your beds are made and any dirty laundry is put away.

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5 Tips for Buying a House in a Tight Market

February 25th, 2022

Houses aren’t on the market long at the moment and buyer competition is high. So, here are 4 tips to securing a property in a tight market:

  1. Finances: Get a mortgage agreement in principal and know exactly what you can afford.
  2. Bid Wisely: Do you have the extra money needed to bid competitively? You will need more money to land your dream home in this current market.
  3. Neighbourhoods: Identify areas where you wish to settle that has lots of stock on the market.
  4. Estate Agent: Contact all local Agents to make sure you’re on their buyer’s list.
  5. Closing Date: Make sure your submit your best and final offer if there is a closing date as there will be no chance of negotiations.

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6 Home Updates to Make After a Decade

January 19th, 2022

All homes need a bit of TLC after a while and there comes a time when you have to face up to the fact that, no matter how much you love where you live and no matter how much you think your decor looks great, your home needs freshened up after a while- especially if you’re looking to sell.

So, if you’ve lived in your house for a decade, chances are some things will need to be updated. Here are six things to freshen up after ten years:

Get Painting: This is the fastest and cheapest way to give your property a facelift and breathe new life into it. You may not be a fan of neutral colours, but creams, whites and grey will take years off the surface of your home. Plus, not only do neutral walls make a room look clean and fresh, but they also make it look bigger and brighter too. It’s a no-brainer.

Replace your Flooring: After a decade of walking all over it, it will definitely be time to change your floor coverings as they will no doubt be worn, stained and look a bit shabby.

Redo Bathroom & Kitchen Sealant & Grouting: If you want a quick way of making your bathroom look fantastic, re-grout your tiles or clean or replace the sealant around your bath, sink and toilet.

Make sure to do this in your kitchen as well. A super-quick way to do this is by using a grout pen which literally allows you to quickly colour in discoloured grout.

Invest in a New Mattress: Ten years down the line, you’ll probably be in need of a new mattress for hygiene reasons as you don’t want to be sharing your bed with bed bugs.

After a while, your mattress will also become a bit lumpy and bumpy, something that can cause discomfort, body aches and interfere with your need for a good night’s sleep.

Get a New Washing Machine: Did you know that a washing machine can last up to ten years? After this, it’s highly recommended that you get a new one. You’ll know if you do need a new one if it leaks, there’s a bad smell from it that won’t go away or if it makes a lot of noise.

Older models are not always as energy-efficient as they are now, so definitely consider this if you’re looking to save water and bring your monthly bills down.

Replace the Dishwasher: As with the washing machine, this is something else you might need to replace after every 10 years. You’ll know when your dishwasher is at the end of its life if the dishes are not getting cleaned properly or if the main control board is acting up.

As with a washing machine, it’s important to take saving water and energy into consideration when shopping around for a new model.

Just follow these simple tips every ten years or so and your home will always look as good as new – and be ready for viewers should you want to sell!

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6 Ways to Make a Buyer Feel at Home

November 22nd, 2021

As soon as a potential buyer enters your house you want them to instantly feel at home. You want them to form an emotional connection with the property and allow themselves to visualise living there.

The last thing you want to do is put people off by not tending to a few simple projects. Here are 6 things you can do to help a buyer feel at home:

New Carpets and Fresh Paint: When selling a house it’s sometimes necessary to spend some money doing minor renovations that’ll help you get a quicker sale and for more money. Painting certain rooms and putting down new carpet are the two biggest things you can do to help your house sell faster.

Unclutter Your House: Get rid of all your clutter. Buyers might not appreciate your magazine collection or the dolls and teddy bears you keep in the guest bedroom. Tidy your home and give it a more minimal feel to allow buyers to see the home for what it is.

Make Sure it’s Clean: Please make sure your home is clean and tidy otherwise you’ll really put buyers off. That means making sure the bathrooms are spotless, your oven is sparkling and your carpets and upholstery have no stains on them.

Give All Your Rooms a Purpose: When staging your home for sale it’s important to make sure all your rooms have a purpose even if you just used a room in your house as a box room. If a room in your house is supposed to be a dining room for example then make sure you set it out like that.

Do Your Repairs: Preparing your house for sale unfortunately means doing those repairs that you’ve put off for years. If you’ve something in your house that’s broken then please get it fixed because buyers have an eye for this kind of thing.

Lighten Up Your Rooms: A well lit room can make all the difference when trying to make a buyer feel at home. Whether you have to buy a couple of new lamps or open up your blinds and curtains please take the time to make your rooms lighter as it’ll give off a warmer feel rather than a dark and dingy one.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money trying to make a buyer feel at home but doing a few simple things around your house can make a massive difference and get your home sold quicker.

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9 Staging Secrets to Get Your Home Sold

October 22nd, 2021

Staging your house for sale can make a huge difference to the offer you receive and the length of time it sits on the market. In fact the latest statistics suggest a staged home will sell on average 25% quicker than one that hasn’t been.
So, here are 9 staging secrets to get your home sold:


When you say declutter to someone the first thing that springs to mind is clearing out wardrobes or kitchen cupboards. But have you ever thought of decluttering your furniture? A professional stager actually removes half a homeowner’s furniture to make a house look bigger. So have a look around and see what you can throw out, pack away or pop into storage for a few months.


A common staging misconception is that pushing your furniture up against a wall instantly makes the room look bigger. However, the truth is, to make your room look bigger and more inviting then it’s best to float your furniture in each room away from the walls. Just remember to make sure that your furnishings are placed where traffic can still flow through the room.


Get rid of that spare room that has only ever collected boxes or other junk and turn it into something functional. Make it into an extra bedroom, a home office or reading room. Buyers want to see themselves living in the property and this helps them to do that.


Great lighting is a must when you’re staging your home for sale. You can flood a room with natural light if you put mirrors on the walls opposite light sources. Also, make sure you include table lamps and floor lights in your rooms as that creates ambient lighting. Never use the light in the middle of your room as your main source of light as it won’t show your room off to its best.


If you’ve a bright pink room or have invested in wallpaper that has a unique pattern then a fresh lick of paint can go a long way. Off-white, creams and neutral soft greys can transform your home into a modern fresh canvas for a potential buyer. If you do want to be a bit bold then please make sure it’s only on a feature wall.


Fancy flowers and floral arrangements can be pricey but you can get the same effect with a simple bunch of flowers from the supermarket or by picking some flowers from your garden. Just keep the arrangement simple and throw in a little bit of colour. Flowers can instantly bright up a room.


Give your kitchen an instant facelift by painting cabinet doors or drawers or by vinyl wrapping them. It’s a cost effective solution and the results can be incredible. Also, tackle your bathroom by freshening up the grouting or sealant for quick results.


Unfinished home repairs can really put off potential home buyers. If you need to touch up the paintwork on a chipped banister or replace a wonky door handle then please do it. Don’t give a buyer ammunition to negotiate a lower price for your home. So finish those repairs you’ve been meaning to do for years and you’ll reap the rewards.


We’ve saved the best for last because this is the most important tip- clean your house from top to bottom. A dirty house is a massive turn off for potential buyers. Make sure your home is spotless, scrub the kitchen and bathrooms and eliminate any odours- especially if you’ve pets or smoke. If you can afford it then get professional cleaners to come in and blitz the place, as buyers want a nice, fresh welcoming home they can see themselves building a life in.
So, there we have it, just a few simple, affordable tips that can make a huge difference to the sale of your house.

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