August 30th, 2022

She’s Amazing! I had met with 2 agents for market appraisals; Rosie and a well known middle market brand. Initially I decided to go with the well known brand, in all honesty I’d signed the contract ready to drop off, I think because of the security of going with a company I already knew of. Rosie sent me an email that day saying she’d love to sell my home and something about that email made me decide to give the independent agent a chance. I’m here to tell you I’m so glad I chose Rosie Marlow. First of all, Rosie got to know my home and was able to absorb information about details that were important to me, whereas a high street team would have nodded politely but could never have had capacity to pay attention in that way. Secondly, Rosie did each of my viewings herself and on the first day of viewings had a full asking price offer. I followed Rosie’s advice at each step and we achieved multiple offers over asking price in the next few days. Rosie was frank about what she expected us to achieve. Her communication is excellent; she’ll work with you and is flexible – for example we used whatsapp when needed in the evenings and whilst I’d hope not to intrude on anyone’s down time unnecessarily, the fact she was willing to work with me was amazing, versus a shop being closed at 6pm. I know the viewers loved Rosie; she’d be wonderful to buy a home from. Rosie answers the phone almost always; or comes straight back to you. You’ll know that your prospective buyers will be getting the same attention so you can get that sale. Rosie soon feels like a friend and when I had doubts about my ongoing purchase she was able to give feedback in a way that felt unbiased – it wasn’t about pushing me on so we could close the deal, I really felt she had my back. Rosie was also a mine of information for various contacts along the way. I felt I could ask her things easily and it just felt like we were on side. I felt Rosie was conversant with my needs and reassuring when needed. Rosie and Jenny Maggs, my solicitor, work well together which I think helped to blend it all together. I’ve just exchanged and I’m so glad of the decision I made. I wanted to give Rosie – an independent woman in business – a shot and I’m so glad I did. At each stage I’ve thought, thank goodness I chose Rosie.